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This blog is dedicated to Travel, to different cultures and new experiences. It will mainly focus on Italian culture and the differences between that and the English/Scottish one as I come from Italy and I recently moved in Glasgow.

My other Works

I work online a lot, I run a blog in Italian about home-education, a Website and vlog about the future of Italian home-educated young people, a blog about my online public fictions and one about my interests, in particular the TV-related ones. Below you can find some of my works.

Storyteller Portfolio

This is my online Portfolio, you can learn about what I do and the services I offer here.

Un viaggio HS - Blog

This blog is about home-education in Italy and my own path in self-teaching.

Guilty Pleasure - Blog on TV

This is where I publish reviews of TV series, films and occasionally books.

Testimonianze HS - Vlog

This vlog offers testimonials of the future of Italian home-educated people.

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Travelling high speed is reasonably easy, but travelling on Italian regional trains has many turists confused. On high speed trains you will find that the staff usually speaks English, but on regional trains is really hard to find someone who speaks anything else than Italian.

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They say that travelling helps you open your mind, but it also helps you find your identity, open yourself to largest expressions of who you are.