About Travel


 They say that travelling helps you open your mind, but it also helps you find your identity, open yourself to largest expressions of who you are.

 The culture we live in determines to what extent we can express our individuality, decides what is meant to be shared and what is private, draws the limits of our own identity. 

 Travelling gives us the chance to live by other rules, to see through our culture and into another, to choose which rules we wish to abide and which ones to challenge.

 Travelling opens the horizon of our own personal culture. Through new places and faces, opinions and rules we can discover ourselves and find new expressions of ourselves.

 Whenever I travel my life starts anew. It's still me, but it's me in a different mirror, different possible expressions of myself, it's me with other rules, a me living accordingly to other definitions. It's me into another life.

 Through travel I can live lives worth centuries and live more than the immortal creatures conceived by human mind.

 We can taste different lives with books and experience them as in a dream, softly hovering on our skin, we can feel the touch that is not quite there but almost. With travel we can create new lives, write new stories of ourselves with the earth and the air.

 I am a different person from who I was in Italy, for I live in diverse rules.

 The me in Spain was quiet and enjoyed nature, the me in London drank beer in pubs, the me in Portugal flirted with girls, the me in Finland loved drinking milk with every meal. I can't wait to find out how the me in Scotland is different from the others.

 With every new journey starts a new life.